Random Facts About Me


Jeffrey Chung born 11/27/1979 in Seattle Washington.  Graduated from Washington State University Pullman in 2003.  BA Business and Economics, Management Information Systems major.  First and only job after college was at this company where I learned B2B sales and account management, how to recruit, hire, train and manage a team of junior sales and sales development reps, how to strategically nurture and close global enterprise accounts with deals in the $20k to $1m range, from cold call to contract the entire sales lifecycle selling IT services to Fortune 100 C level, selling technical solutions by orchestrating a sales team of individuals in and outside of my organization, learned how enterprise clients operate and do business in general and how to close business while avoiding the RFP process.  The life changing and most useful skill that I learned during the 3 years at ITC was the ability to successfully accomplish whatever I put my mind to.  The small firm with global operations and clients across a diverse range of industries was the perfect training grounds for a young and ambitious person.  I’m thankful for having an incredible boss who lead by example with his work ethic, high standards, reliability, constant support and general overall relentlessness and sense of urgency in every single project and task he took on.  I never properly thanked him at the time because I didn’t even realize the lifelong gift he had given me but I need to give him a call someday to thank him for the several years of wasted time he saved me.  Also watching him climb the corporate ranks to VP of Sales was an inspirational and highly educational experience.  That was the first and last job I had working for a company other than my own, so thanks BK.

I prefer selling over managing sales people.

I attended 7 high schools in 3 states in 5 years.
In order:

  1. Schurr High School. Monterey Park CA -1st Semester 9th Grade
  2. Columbia River High School. Vancouver WA -1st Semester 9th Grade
  3. Fort Vancouver High School. Vancouver WA -2nd Semester 9th Grade
  4. Hudsons Bay High School. Vancouver WA -2nd Semester 9th Grade
  5. Auburn Adventist Academy. Auburn WA -2nd Semester 9th Grade
  6. Oliver Ames High School. Easton MA -10th Grade
  7. Mountain View High School. Vancouver WA -11th & partial 12th Grade

With zero industry experience, I got my General Contractors license and started my first business in 2007. Building Results Inc. CA License #925947
I never graduated from high school and made over one million dollars net profit at age 28.
My first job was telemarketing for the Special Olympics.
I’ve used Craigslist to find every house I’ve rented or purchased as an adult.
I collect mechanical keyboards and pocket knives.
I like motorcycles and started riding in 2003.
A list of motorcycles I’ve owned in order:

  • 1984 Honda VFR750 – Good first beater bike, sold this after a few months.
  • 1998 Yamaha FZR600 – Great beginner bike, no complaints.
  • 2000 Suzuki GS500 – Great beginner bike, easy to rack up cruising miles.
  • 2001 Honda CBR600F4i – Great all around bike, super comfortable riding position for long rides.
  • 2003 Honda 600RR – Aggressive riding position, this bike was painful to ride.
  • 2005 Honda NSR50 – Awesome beginner 2 stroke track bike, knee dragger.

I currently live in California with my two dogs Zoey and Ellie, Mini Schnauzer and
Terrier mix.

What you will find on this blog:

    • Lessons learned while being self employed since the age of 26.
    • Useful tools, resources, and productivity hacks to get more out of life.
    • Reviews, overviews, and recommendations of products or services I have personally used.

I hope you find something here worth your time.


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